Black Tie Guys Learn about Boxing

Black Tie Guys Learn about Boxing

In an effort to teach the importance of personal fitness, discipline, and goal-setting, the “Black Tie Guys” received a lesson in boxing this past Tuesday.

Sammy “Bone Krusher” Crawford, a well-known advocate for using boxing as a means to divert youth from delinquency, took the opportunity to demonstrate the demands and intricacies of the sport to several members of this youth mentoring program. Bone Krusher has long been a believer in boxing, not just as a sport but also as a tool to cultivate discipline and motivation in young individuals.

Sponsored by Tab-N-Action, Inc., the “Black Tie Guys” mentoring program assists boys aged 9-16 in drafting their life’s blueprints and setting them on a trajectory for success. The initiative also integrates an app emphasizing the development of reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.

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