"Growing Up Young And Successful"

507 N. 17th St. Monroe, La. 71201


A Structured Male Mentoring Program for males ages 9-16 years.

About Us

 The Black-Tie Guys male mentoring program provides leadership and mentoring to males ages 9-16 with the purpose of helping participants become productive members of society with a clear set of goals and objectives for their lives.

  Participants in the program receive “big brother” type assistance, in goal setting, self-esteem, personal and financial management, discipline and educational excellence. 

  The present program has changed over the years to respond to various trends among youth. At its inception in 1976, it was called the “Save our Youth.” In the 1990s it was called the “Top Gun” Leadership Program tapping into the youth fascination with the movie “Top Gun” which focused on being the best of the best. Beginning in 2001,  it was called “Time Travelers” because of its emphasis to travel and study.

  The present “Black-Tie-Guys” program is the 21st Century rebranding of the same structured program that bean in 1976 with 21st century twists and emphasis on technology.


 The principals responsible for program delivery include: Roosevelt and Joslyn Wright, Brenda Wade, and Robert Tanzy, Sr.

Honors & Recognition

  • The Program idea has received accolades and honors over the years.
  • In 1985, the program was recognized by National Baptist Convention for its effectiveness in impacting the lives of African-American youth.
  • In 1988, the Louisiana NAACP recognized it as an example of Excellence in male mentoring
  • In 1991, the George H. W. Bush Administration recognized it as one of the 1000 best youth programs in America.” 
  • In 2002, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development listed among America’s best community service program.
  • In 2008, the International Scouting Magazine dedicated a four-page color section to the Time Traveler program.

Partnerships & Sustainability

Partnerships with elected officials, churches and civic organizations has helped the program achieve its goals. Its partners have contributed resources to sustain the program with finances and resources over the years.

Among its partners have been:

  • The City of Monroe
  • Monroe City School
  • Monroe City Marshal’s Office
  • Monroe City Court
  • 4th District Attorney’s Office (Jerry Jones and Steve Tew)
  • Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office (Jay Russell)
  • Louisiana Council of the Boy Scouts of America