Ballard, Laterius Jr.

Ballard, Laterius Jr.

Grade: 7

Birthday: September 29, 2010

School: Martin Luther King Jr. High School

Laterius Ballard, Jr., entered the world on September 29, 2010, bringing with him a natural prowess that shines in the realms of virtual gaming.

As a seventh grader at Martin Luther King, Jr. - Junior High School, Laterius is known for his competitive spirit and keen intellect.

Raised by his mother, Sherra Page, Laterius has grown into a young man of strong character and ambition. Her guidance has been instrumental in shaping the resolve and focus that Laterius exhibits in every endeavor he undertakes.

He loves to play Football. He is also a master tactician with a Play Station 5 controller in hand. His ability to strategize and execute plays in the virtual world translates into a meticulous approach to his studies and other pursuits.

His journey took an exciting turn on November 6, 2023, when he joined the ranks of "The Black Tie Guys," a prestigious mentorship program that champions the development of young men. Laterius sees his involvement in this organization as an opportunity to unearth and hone his inherent abilities while quenching his thirst for knowledge.

The Black Tie Guys provide a platform for Laterius to craft a life plan that's as strategic as his gameplay. His objectives are clear: to traverse the breadth of the United States, to forge connections with influential figures, to acquire new and diverse skills, and to uphold his academic achievements as an honor student.

With an eye towards the future, Laterius looks forward to the day he will join the esteemed ranks of "The" Wossman High School's graduating class of 2029.

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