Fountain, Kayden

Fountain, Kayden

Kayden Fountain

Grade: 7

Birthday: May 16, 2011

School: Carroll Jr. High School

Kayden Fountain, born on May 16, 2011, is a vibrant and ambitious seventh grader at Carroll Jr. High School.

The son of Angelica Jackson, Kayden is known for his dynamic personality and a broad range of interests that include basketball, drawing, and singing.

A young man of faith, he is an active member of Living Water International Church, where Adrian and LaTondra Fisher serve as pastors, providing him with a strong spiritual foundation and community support.

On March 2, 2024, Kayden took a significant step towards his future by joining "The Black Tie Guys," a prestigious program known for nurturing the talents and aspirations of young individuals.

Through his participation in this initiative, Kayden aims to explore and enhance his skills, quench his thirst for knowledge, and craft a vision for his life. He is particularly excited about the opportunities "The Black Tie Guys" offers for personal growth and development, including the chance to travel across the United States, network with influential figures, learn new skills, and sustain his commendable academic record as an honor student.

Kayden's involvement with "The Black Tie Guys" underscores his determination to realize his potential and his eagerness to prepare for a future filled with promise and achievement.

As he looks forward to graduating with the class of 2029 from Carroll High School, Kayden is on a path to becoming a well-rounded individual ready to make a positive impact on the world around him. With the support of his mother, church community, and mentors within "The Black Tie Guys," Kayden Fountain is indeed a name to watch out for in the years to come.

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