Hart, Jackson

Hart, Jackson

Grade: 5

Birthday: October 18, 2012

School: Minnie Ruffin Elementary School

Jackson Hart, born on the 18th of October, 2012, is a burgeoning talent whose rhythm resonates well beyond the halls of Minnie Ruffin Elementary School, where he is known for his academic diligence as a fourth grader.

He is the cherished son of Jamea Hart and Elijah Brass, III, and their nurturing has been a cornerstone in Jackson's development, providing him with a solid foundation of love, faith, and ambition.

From a young age, Jackson has been immersed in the community and spiritual life fostered by the Greater Faith Church, under the guidance of Rev. Seane T. Kelly, where he found his passion for music.

Jackson's talent shines brightest through his skillful drumming, a hobby that quickly turned into a calling. It's a rare Sunday where the congregation doesn't feel the fervor of his beats guiding their worship.

His prodigious talent extends beyond just one place of worship. Jackson holds the prestigious title of being the official drummer for not one, but two churches. This extraordinary feat at such a young age is a testament to his dedication and the vibrant spiritual life that he leads.

On November 6, 2023, Jackson began a new chapter by joining "The Black Tie Guys," an esteemed program aimed at fostering the talents and expanding the horizons of young men. Through this initiative, Jackson hopes to refine his gifts and feed his insatiable desire for knowledge. His association with The Black Tie Guys is not just about personal growth; it's a strategic move towards a future replete with possibility and achievement.

With the help of his mentors at The Black Tie Guys, Jackson is setting his sights on a life plan that is as rhythmic and dynamic as his drumming. He aspires to travel across the United States, to network with influential individuals, to master new skills, and to continue excelling academically as an honor student.

Looking to the horizon, Jackson envisions himself as part of the proud graduating class of 2031 from "The" Wossman High School.


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