Hines, Joseph

Hines, Joseph

Grade: 6

Birthday: November 5, 2010

School: Minnie Ruffin Elementary

Joseph Hines, born on November 5, 2010, is a bright and ambitious sixth grader attending Minnie Ruffin Elementary School. Raised by his mother, Eselener McCoy, Joseph has developed into a well-rounded individual with a keen interest in football, video games, and reading. These hobbies not only provide him enjoyment but also contribute to his personal and intellectual growth.

On November 17, 2023, Joseph took a significant step towards personal development by joining “The Black Tie Guys,” a program designed to assist young individuals in discovering and developing their talents. Joseph sees his participation in this program as a vital opportunity to satisfy his thirst for knowledge and to shape his future.

Within the framework of “The Black Tie Guys,” Joseph aims to craft a plan for his life. He is eager to leverage the guidance from his mentors to achieve several ambitious goals. These include traveling across the United States, networking with influential personalities, acquiring new skills, and sustaining his impressive academic record as an honor student.

Looking ahead, Joseph is enthusiastic about his educational journey, particularly his aspiration to graduate in the class of 2032 from Wossman High School. This goal is not just a milestone for him but also a symbol of his dedication and hard work towards his academic and personal aspirations.

Joseph Hines stands as a shining example of a young individual who is actively working towards realizing his potential and making a positive impact on his community. His journey with “The Black Tie Guys” is just the beginning of what promises to be a remarkable and inspiring path to success and fulfillment.

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