Jackson, Amor'ie

Jackson, Amor'ie

Amor'ie Jackson

Grade: 4th

Birthday: December 19, 2013

School: Minnie Ruffin Elementary School


Amor’ie Jackson, born on December 19, 2013, is a bright and ambitious young student currently in the 4th grade at Minnie Ruffin Elementary School.

Amor’ie is the proud son of Bobbinika Jackson and an active member of the Cuba Baptist Church, where Rev. Samuel Toney provides spiritual guidance.

From an early age, Amor’ie has shown a keen interest in sports, particularly football and basketball, demonstrating both talent and teamwork on the field and court. His passion for these sports reflects his dynamic personality and his ability to balance academics with extracurricular activities.

A significant milestone in Amor’ie's life was joining “The Black Tie Guys” on December 4, 2023. This prestigious group offers a platform for young men like Amor’ie to explore and cultivate their talents. Through his involvement with “The Black Tie Guys,” Amor’ie aspires to unlock his potential and satisfy his thirst for knowledge.

Amor’ie is particularly enthusiastic about the prospects “The Black Tie Guys” presents, including the opportunity to develop a comprehensive life plan. He is keen on leveraging the guidance from his mentors to embark on a journey across the United States, a quest that promises to enrich his life with diverse experiences. 

Looking ahead, Amor’ie anticipates a bright future, with aspirations of graduating as part of the class of 2031 from Wossman High School. 

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