Looney, Denerius Jr.

Looney, Denerius Jr.

Grade 6:

Birthday: June 27, 2010

School: Minnie Ruffin Elementary School

Denerius Looney, Jr. was born on a warm summer day, June 27, 2010. Even as a child, he exuded a quiet confidence that seemed to herald the coming of a remarkable individual.

As he strides through the hallways of Minnie Ruffin Elementary School, it's clear that he carries with him not just the legacy of his name as a sixth grader but also the vibrant promise of his future.

Nurtured by the loving care of Sherra Page and inspired by the namesake of Denerius Looney, Sr., young Denerius has been equipped with a rich blend of values, discipline, and a zest for life that is evident in his every action.

When not immersed in his studies, Denerius is often engaged in athletic activities  where his abilities come to life. He thrives in the challenge of competition and the camaraderie of teamwork, finding joy and lessons in each game and practice.

The defining moment in his young journey so far came on November 6, 2023, when he joined "The Black Tie Guys." This mentorship program, renowned for guiding young men towards excellence, promised Denerius an avenue to further sculpt his burgeoning talents and satiate his growing appetite for knowledge.

As a member of The Black Tie Guys, Denerius is crafting a vision for his life that extends beyond the playground and into the arenas of influence and achievement. He aspires to journey across the United States, to connect with leading minds, to gain new proficiencies, and to sustain his commendable status as an honor student.

Looking ahead, Denerius envisions himself among the proud graduates of the 2030 class of "the" Wossman High School

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