Stewart, Jordan

Stewart, Jordan

Jordan Stewart

Grade: 6

Birthday: November 15, 2011

School: Ouachita Junior High


Born on November 15, 2011, Jordan Stewart's story is a testament to the power of dreams, determination, and community support. As he embarks on his journey through life, Jordan's experiences, interests, and aspirations have set him on a path towards greatness.

Early Life:

Jordan's life began with the loving guidance of his parents, Aeja Jackson and Darrell Stewart. From an early age, they instilled in him the values of hard work, perseverance, and kindness. Jordan's strong foundation at home serves as the bedrock for his future endeavors.


Currently in the sixth grade at Ouachita Junior High, Jordan demonstrates a keen thirst for knowledge. He has consistently excelled in his studies and and is striving to maintaining an honor status as an honor student. 


Beyond his academics, Jordan has a diverse range of interests. He enjoys video games, where he hones his strategic thinking skills. He is also an active participant in sports, particularly soccer and basketball, showcasing his athleticism and teamwork abilities.

Community and Faith:

Jordan is an active member of the Macedonia Baptist Church, where Reverend Montrell Bradley leads the congregation.

The Black Tie Guys:

On September 11, 2023, Jordan embarked on a new chapter in his life by joining "The Black Tie Guys." This organization, known for its commitment to youth development, personal growth, and mentorship, offers Jordan an opportunity to further discover and develop his talents.


Jordan envisions "The Black Tie Guys" as a pivotal platform for his personal and academic growth. He aims to participate in programs and projects that will not only expand his horizons but also foster his desire for knowledge. With the guidance of mentors, Jordan aspires to create a life plan that will lead him to success.

Future Goals:

With his sights set on the future, Jordan eagerly anticipates graduating from Ouachita High School as part of the Class of 2030. 

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