Taylor, Jordan

Taylor, Jordan

Jordan Taylor

Grade: 9

Birthday: November 11, 2008

School: Ouachita Parish High School

Jordan Taylor, born on November 11, 2008, is a remarkable young individual currently studying in the 10th grade at Ouachita Parish High School. The son of Sherrie and Gregory Colvin, Jordan has grown up in an environment that nurtures his varied interests and talents, especially in sports and music.

At a young age, Jordan showed a keen interest in sports, with a particular passion for football. His dedication and skill on the field make him a noteworthy player among his peers. But Jordan's talents are not limited to athletics. He also possesses a strong musical inclination, which is evident in his involvement with the church praise team. His love for music further extends to playing the trombone, an instrument he plays with both skill and enthusiasm.

Jordan's community engagement took a significant turn when he joined “The Black Tie Guys” on January 10, 2024. This involvement marks a step towards broader community service and leadership, indicating his growing interest in making a positive impact in his community.

Balancing academics, sports, music, and community service, Jordan Taylor represents the qualities of a well-rounded and dedicated individual. His ability to juggle multiple interests and commitments with grace and proficiency speaks volumes about his character and potential. As he continues his journey through high school, Jordan is undoubtedly shaping up to be an inspiring figure to his peers and a source of pride for his family and community.

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