Williams Jr., Trent

Williams Jr., Trent

Trent Williams, Jr.

Grade: 7th

Birthday: February 8, 2011

School: Richwood Middle School

Trent Williams, Jr. is a remarkable young man whose journey thus far has been a testament to his ambition, talent, and the supportive community around him.

Born on February 8, 2011, Trent is currently thriving in the 7th grade at Richwood Middle School. Under the guidance of his father, Trent Williams, Sr., and the nurturing environment of his school and church, Trent is developing into a well-rounded and grounded young man.

Trent is an active member of the Greater New Antioch Baptist Church, where Rev. John Russell, II serves as pastor. His involvement in the church community has played a significant role in shaping his values and aspirations.

Beyond his academic endeavors, Trent has a diverse set of hobbies that include basketball and football. He is often called upon at his church to pray for which he seems to have an anointing. 

On March 18, 2024, Trent took a significant step towards realizing his potential by joining “The Black Tie Guys,” an initiative aimed at empowering young individuals.

Through his participation in this program, Trent hopes to explore and enhance his talents further, alongside feeding his innate desire for knowledge.

He views the Black Tie Guys as a golden opportunity to craft a well-defined life plan, with the guidance of mentors who will support him in achieving his goals. Trent's ambitions extend beyond personal development; he aspires to travel the United States, network with influential figures, acquire new skills, and sustain his excellent academic performance as an honor student.

Looking ahead, Trent is determined to graduate with the class of 2029 from Richwood High School.

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