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Motorcycle Sports Style, 5spd Manual, 17" Wheel (1,368,400 pts)

Motorcycle Sports Style, 5spd Manual, 17" Wheel (1,368,400 pts)

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  • The DF250RTS is powered by a compact, air-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder engine displacing 229.2cc. Adding to the special characteristics of this engine is a wide-ratio 5-speed transmission with gears that you can complete control of the bike in all situations when you riding
  • The upgraded system with High-Quality Twin Telescopic Suspension, This is very strong and durable for a perfect performance while riding this bike. 17" sports wheel are designed to travel on all different types of terrain. They are strong and can take a beating.
  • A high-capacity starter motor and compact, high-output battery helps ensure quick and reliable starts under virtually all conditions a rider might face. A simple push of the starter button is all that's required in the event of a stall and can often be accomplished while still moving.

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